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Meet Dr. Jen

After studying Exercise science at Northern Arizona University and then completing graduate school at Life Chiropractic College West in 2000, Dr. Jen (a collegiate athlete) traveled to Costa Rica to run a clinic.

She practiced there for 3 years , she worked as a chiropractor to the Costa Rican national soccer team and numerous Olympic athletes.

A member of Chiropractors Without Borders, contributor at LifePath Productions and chiropractic mission trips worldwide to spread the science, art and philosophy of chiropractic; educating and enabling people to achieve better health through chiropractic and healthy lifestyle choices.

Upon returning to the states, she has been blessed with taking care of newborns, pregnant women, great-grandparents and every age group in between at her private clinic, Healthy Family Chiropractic. When not on the go or in her office, she enjoys laughing and traveling with her family.

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What Our Community Says

  • Dr Jen has done a great job of keeping my body on the straight and narrow. Love her.

    Brenda Parker
  • Dr. Jen is amazing. She helps me and all of my family stay healthy. She has treated me for a concussion, allergies and keeps me in alignment. She also has answered food questions over the years. She is excellent!

    Paige Whitney
  • Been going here for years, off an on. About 2 years ago I had an at home injury that put me in bed for 3 weeks. Couldn't drive, or walk, or sleep laying down. Finally got smart, realized it wasn't gonna work itself out, and saw Dr. Jen three times a week and she worked it out of my system and I was back to normal in a month! Now I see her on the regular, to keep feeling healthy and sleep better! And I don't have the back pain I used to just "deal with." I've recommended this office, to anyone I know who needs Chiro care!

    Shannon Hampton
  • Dr. Jen adjusted me through my entire pregnancy, making delivery a breeze! She’s absolutely amazing!

    Paula McEntire

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