A study helps answer a question many of us ask when deciding whether to buy organic food: does it really make a difference?

Based on the experiences of doctors and pediatricians in the US who prescribe organic diets to their patients and see improvements in many disease conditions in 2-3 weeks.

After just two weeks on an organic diet, pesticide levels in urine dropped by between 49 and 95%.

After only six days on an organic diet, every single person would see significant drops in those pesticides, including several linked to increased risk of autism, cancer, Parkinson’s, infertility, and other significant impacts on health.


  • The results say YES, a big difference. Choosing organic can protect you from exposure to toxic pesticides.
  • Malathion was just one of the pesticides found in this study that are part of a group called organophosphates, which have long concerned public health experts because of their impact on children’s developing brains. Created as nerve agents in World War II, organophosphates have been linked to increased rates of autism, learning disabilities, and reduced IQ in children.
  • Many of these pesticides are now understood to cause cancer, affect the body’s hormonal systems, disrupt fertility, cause developmental delay for children or Parkinson’s, depression, or Alzheimer’s.

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