Heart health & Chiropractic

You may be surprised to know that chiropractic care can have a positive effect on heart and cardiovascular health.

The vertebrae in the upper part of the neck, the middle of the back or even the ribs may be misaligned (subluxated) and locked, affecting the nerves so that the chest wall starts to tighten.

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The chest muscles, ribs, heart, lungs, and stomach are controlled directly and indirectly by spinal nerves.  Misalignments can interfere with these nerves going to the heart and chest.  Sometimes it may even produce tachycardia (too fast heart rate) and other arrhythmias (abnormal heart rate), pain that mimics heart problems, or changes in heart function and blood pressure. 

Few people know about this connection to the spine, and therefore it is rarely diagnosed by medical doctors.

Studies have also revealed that chiropractic adjustments have positive effects on:

  • decreasing blood pressure                                    
  • increasing blood flow throughout the body  
  • improves nerve function to the heart
  • reduces inflammation in the blood stream
  • improves lung function and breathing
  • improves heart function

Notice what nerves go to the heart and lungs.  If this connection is interfered with due to a subluxation, the nerve going to either the heart or lungs will be affected negatively.  By resolving these subluxations, the nerve flow can be restored, and the heart and lungs can function at a better level.

Chiropractic adjustments can be a very important piece in allowing the heart and circulatory system to function properly without the need for drugs and invasive procedures.

Yours in health, Dr. Jen