Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

For several months, a pregnant woman in her early 30’s suffered from debilitating pain in her pubic bone area. She had trouble walking and taking the stairs was agonizing. The women had a hard time standing on one leg to pull on a pair of pants.

Luckily, a midwife thought Chiropractic treatment might help said woman; who was about 7 months pregnant. The cartilage that holds the pubic bones together (pubic symphasis- a joint) had softened during pregnancy. This allowed the joint to get stuck and had been causing the woman pain. The midwife referred the woman to our clinic and the patient was seen 3 times over two weeks.

It worked. The pain was resolved .

Before getting chiropractic treatment the woman believed that severe pain was simply part of being pregnant, she had the assumption that pain was normal during pregnancy. While pain can be common during gestation, it is not necessarily normal. Pain is an indication that something is amiss. There is a lot that we Chiropractors can do to help with discomfort during pregnancy. We can help make the experience more enjoyable and COMFORTABLE. Pregnancy doesn’t have to be painful.

For many pregnant women who experience back pain and other types of discomfort, chiropractic treatment is a safe and effective option.

Often chiropractic care is recommended for pregnant women who struggle with musculoskeletal pain. Research shows that it is common for women to experience muskuloskeletal pain during gestation. A study published in the journal, Therapeutic Advances of Musculoskeletal Disease (Dec. 2018) found that 70% of the women in the study reported having low back pain during pregnancy. 33% of the 184 women had hand-wrist discomfort and 32% said they experienced hip pain.

Chiropractic treatment as an option to treat pain is important for pregnant women as many pain medications could have adverse affects.

The key is to look for a chiropractor experienced in treating pregnant women. Dr. Jen has been adjusting expecting mothers, newborns, infants, toddlers and children for over 20 years. Ask Dr. Jen to examine you or help you find a Chiro in your state!

HFC. 11/5/2019